Can't Get You Out of My Head

Whenever I finish a zine, I always have a hard time letting go and moving onto the next one. I haven’t been able to totally move on from Natalie as I start work on the next two issues of Dead in Hollywood: Dorothy Dandridge and Tab Hunter.


The Splendor of Youth.

The Splendor of Youth.

The American Teenager: Natalie Wood

“Rebel Without a Cause” defined both popular and youth culture upon its release in 1955, giving voice to the American teenager of the 1950’s. Even though Wood has starred in 20 films before turning 16, she is desperate to transition to adult roles. She sees the part of Judy as her ticket into adulthood. Complicating matters is that every actress from Debbie Reynolds to Jayne Mansfield is being considered for the role. Wood's mother pushes her into "dating" the 44-year-old "Rebel" director, Nicholas Ray - her mother waits in the car during Wood and Ray's romps at the Chateau Marmont. Sleeping with the director doesn't even work! It's not until a drunken car crash on Laurel Canyon with Dennis Hopper that Ray to cast considers Wood for the role. Ray visits Wood at the hospital, where the doctor calls Wood a "goddamn juvenile delinquent." Wood yells: "Did you hear what he called me, Nick? He called me a goddamn juvenile delinquent! Now do I get the part?" Wood deserves the credit for transforming Ray’s vision of Wood’s character Judy from a trashy teen to a confused, hurt kid like Wood herself.

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35 Years.

This is a photo of my husband and me with heartthrob Tab Hunter in 2016. Hunter had been with his partner, Allan Glaser, for 35 years when he passed away yesterday, July 8. “We were walking home, and he collapsed in my arms in our front yard," said Glaser. "He said he couldn’t breathe, so I called 911, and we went to the hospital . . . This was sudden and unexpected.” A blood clot caused Hunter to go into cardiac arrest. I hope Glaser finds a little peace in knowing that his and Hunter's relationship has been an inspiration to us. I hope I'm lucky enough to get to spend 35 years with my husband. 

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