Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice... and Natalie

Director Paul Mazursky prepping Robert Culp, Natalie Wood and Dyan Cannon for the "orgy scene" in Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice. The movie is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. I still have yet to see this movie. Adding it to my weekend movie-a-thon along with a bunch of Tab Hunter movies this weekend.


Can't Get You Out of My Head

Whenever I finish a zine, I always have a hard time letting go and moving onto the next one. I haven’t been able to totally move on from Natalie as I start work on the next two issues of Dead in Hollywood: Dorothy Dandridge and Tab Hunter.


The Splendor of Youth.

The Splendor of Youth.

Natalie Wood: A Slideshow

This is going to be so cool you guys! I will be projecting the entire slideshow on a pool on the anniversary of Natalie Wood’s death at the Public Pool Gallery in Encino, CA. It might even rain which would be insane because it was raining the night Natalie Wood died. If you want to join us this Thursday DM me for the address!

A Tale of Two Harbors

It’s never too early to start planning for Thanksgiving and with Natalie Wood’s latest movie, “Brainscan” with Christopher Walken winding down, Wood has the long holiday weekend to unwind before heading into rehearsals for her next movie, “Anastasia.” Her secretary and good friend, Peggy Griffin, usually comes over on Thanksgiving around 6PM for dessert, but can’t this year due to a friend’s hospitalization. Peggy later says, “Everything about this whole sad time to me was so ironic… My whole Thanksgiving got kind of turned around.” Natalie and her husband, actor Robert Wagner, decide to spend the holiday weekend moored off the coast of Catalina Island. Wood’s co-star, Christopher Walken, joins them…

Research By the Beach

It's November 2nd and 82 degrees in L.A. We drive over to Venice Beach and get stoned in the car before walking the canals to the beach. I've spent the last week or two consumed by all things Halloween and River Phoenix - River's deathiversary is October 31, 1993 - so it was nice to jump back into Natalie Wood's life story... and on the beach! I was not expecting to spend the first weekend in November high by the beach. I arrive at the chapter where Wood is planning her ill-fated Thanksgiving weekend on Catalina Island. This Thanksgiving, my husband and I are spending Wood's deathiversary on Catalina Island. Anyone up for a seance over Thanksgiving dinner?

Gays of Our Lives

In the news today... Natalie Wood’s sister, Lana, reveals on the podcast, “Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood,” that her sister ended her marriage to Robert Wagner after catching him cheating on her with a man!!! “My marriage collapsed that weekend. It's too painful for me to recall in print the incidents that led to the final breakup," Natalie Wood wrote in her never-before-seen memoir obtained by the makers of the podcast. Wood would go on to remarry Wagner 10 years later.

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