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“Dead in Hollywood” is a true crime zine documenting strange and tragic Hollywood deaths created by Los Angeles artist Castroburger. Castroburger has been fascinated with the dark side of Hollywood and the cult of celebrity since growing up in Texas and reading the Manson book, “Helter Skelter.” Year later, he moves to L.A. not knowing anyone and finds himself reading books about Marilyn Monroe’s death and Sharon Tate’s murder at their grave sites. What better place to read up on your idols? Years later, Castroburger is giving his friends “Hollywood death tours” around L.A. to the actual locations where these stars lived and died. It wasn’t until recently that Castroburger discovered his love for zine making. The name ‘zine’ comes from the abbreviation of the punk-era ‘fanzine’ - itself a corruption of ‘magazine,’ which itself dates from post-war Hollywood. Within this medium, Castroburger is able to turn his obsession into something creative and informative. He is currently working on issue #7. Each issue centers on a Hollywood star, cut-down in their prime with their real contributions often forgotten.



All edits and collages on this site by Castroburger.