Antony Hamilton (May 4, 1952 – March 29, 1995)

Speaking of Jon-Erik Hexum… English-born Australian actor, Antony Hamilton, begins his career as a ballet dancer with the Australian Ballet. He stops dancing at 20 to pursue a career as a model. Hamilton later says: "Dancing was too confining and regimented for me. I became a model not because I was interested in fashion or styles, but because I knew it was a good way to see the world. It gave me independence. The money was good too.” After signing with a London modeling agency, he works extensively as a model in Europe, America, Asia and Africa, becoming a favorite subject of world-famous photographers such as Richard Avedon and Bruce Weber, often working with designers such as Gianni Versace, and frequently appearing in magazines such as Vogue and GQ. Hamilton begins taking acting classes in an effort to expand his career. Later that same year, he is offered the lead in the TV show “Cover Up” after the series' previous star, Jon-Erik Hexum, dies after an on-set accident in October 1984. Hamilton had known Hexum having previously met him at an acting class when they both lived in New York. They shared the same acting coach and also competed for the same roles. Hamilton initially has misgivings about taking the role but ultimately accepts. Hamilton's first episode airs on November 24, 1984. After Hexum's death, the series struggles in the ratings and CBS cancels “Cover Up” the following year. After the cancellation, Hamilton is in talks to replace Roger Moore as the new James Bond in the 007 film series. Bond producer Albert R. Broccoli is reportedly hesitant to cast Hamilton as the womanizing James Bond because, in real life, Hamilton is gay - Timothy Dalton is ultimately cast as 1980’s Bond. In 1988, Hamilton lands a role in the ’88 revival of “Mission: Impossible.” On March 29, 1995, Hamilton dies from AIDS-related pneumonia in Los Angeles. Today would’ve been Hamilton’s 66th birthday.

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