Three Jim Morrison Death Theories: #1

The cause of Jim Morrison's death is unknown - he dies in Paris, and an autopsy's not required under French law. The “official” cause of death is listed as “congestive heart failure,” but many theorize that he died of a drug overdose. Morrison, lead singer of The Doors, joined the 27 Club when he died on July 3, 1971. Morrison’s downfall begins at a 1969 Florida concert where he's accused of exposing himself in front of the audience. He is convicted of “indecent exposure and profanity,” leading promoters to cancel the band’s remaining shows. Morrison escapes to Paris in March of ’71 with his girlfriend, Pamela Courson. He gains so much weight in Paris that he becomes unrecognizable, leading many to worry that his health might be in danger. There are three main theories on how Morrison died - If I leave one out, let me know in the comments! THEORY 1: Morrison and Courson spend the night listening to records and snorting heroin - Morrison is known to be afraid of needles. The heroin they smoke is particularly strong and Morrison ODs. He's placed in a warm bath, which is said to help revive people OD-ing on heroin. It didn't work. His body is found the following morning in the bathtub. DEADINHOLLYWOOD.COM #jimmorrison #deadinhollywood #truecrime #zine #hollywood #drugs #OD #thedoors

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