Margot Kidder (October 17, 1948 / May 13, 2018)

Margot Kidder (October 17, 1948 – May 13, 2018) rises to fame in 1978 for her role as Lois Lane in the “Superman” film series, alongside Christopher Reeve. Kidder says of her friendship with Reeves, "When you're strapped to someone hanging from the ceiling for months and months, you get pretty darned close.” Kidder also appears in two of my all time favorite horror movies "Black Christmas" and “The Amityville Horror.” Later in life, Kidder is known for her battle with mental illness. She is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which is the cause of a widely publicized manic episode in April 1996. Kidder had been working on an autobiography when a virus causes her computer to crash. She loses three years’ worth of drafts. She flies to LA and has her computer examined by a data retrieval company, who are unable to retrieve the files. Kidder then enters a manic state and disappears for four days. She is found in a backyard by a homeowner and is taken by the LAPD to Olive View Medical Center in a distressed state, the caps on her teeth having been knocked out during a rape attempt. Her cause of death has not been disclosed.

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