Rebecca Schaeffer (120 N. Sweetzer Ave. #4 - West Hollywood, CA)

Rebecca Schaeffer isn’t prepared for the buzzer to ring. She's getting ready for a meeting with director Francis Ford Coppola in hopes of being cast in “The Godfather III” - a role that ultimately goes to his daughter, director Sophia Coppola (Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation). The intercom to her building doesn’t work, so Schaeffer exits her apartment in a bathrobe and descends the flight of stairs leading to the glass front door. She opens the door and talks to her stalker, John Bardo, politely, but says that she is really busy and to please leave her alone. Bardo walks away, seething. He can’t believe she would talk to fans like that. He sits down at a nearby diner, Jan’s - now a Chipotle - and orders onion rings and slice of cheesecake. He returns to Schaeffer’s building an hour later. Still in her bathrobe, Schaeffer answers the door again. This time she says that he’s wasting her time and to please leave her alone. Bardo responds by saying, “I forgot to give you this.” He pulls a gun out of a plastic bag and shoots Schaeffer at point-blank range in the chest.

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